Aviation Accidents


Airline Accidents

In Florida, there are more than 100 public and private airports.  In 2012 alone, Miami International Airport reported over 387,000 take offs and landings, and served nearly 40 million passengers.  Despite the fact that air travel is statistically safer than all other modes of transportation, human error and cost cutting measures on the part of airlines continue to be a reoccurring factor in many accidents.  While all accidents involving commercial airliners will be investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board (http://www.ntsb.gov/index.html), the involvement of aviation experts and accident reconstructionists are typically involved the pursuit of such cases.  Experts are particularly important when an accident is linked to a previously undiscovered flaw in the design and/or construction of the airliner.

In addition to representing crash victims in Florida, the Law Office of Mark A. Glassman, P.A., maintains an affiliation with several well respected aviation attorneys and law firms throughout the United States who available to consult on any airline accident case that may occur anywhere in the United States or abroad.